Thursday, September 16, 2010

Welcome to Our World!

Some are born in rough places, but shine despite. Like diamonds. The world’s most prized natural element. They come from dirt, from pits. They are hard beauties, resilient, nearly indestructible.

Diamonds must be dug from the earth with detail and care. Gently washed, weighed and whisked away for clarity and shape categorization. Then they are cut.  Sliced with precision from all directions; angled, pointed, perfected. Polished and mount into a rhodium plated setting. A serial number microscopically etched into its side, to assure its place in GIA history. And then it’s polished some more, tagged and stuck in a case for all to see.

This is my story. Though, I’m still in the cleaning phase of this “ground to pedestal" path. Next on my list, is to lose the extra layers that make me so ugly and even from those chips will come something precious. One day I’ll make history, all will know my name, where I come from. I'll be tagged as his own and mounted on my setting. finally, placed on the perfect case for display and I'll be complete.

Welcome to Our World. 

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