Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Wrought Iron Microwave Stand

So, those of you who know me¸ know that I love grapes and vines. As a fruit and plant in general, grape vines are one of the prettiest things to me. I even tattooed them on my foot and ankle. I’m fairly fond of a cheap bottle of wine too. But at the moment I would like to talk about my kitchen!

I finally have my own apartment and will do anything to maintain it, hence the reason I’m only taking two classes and trying to work full time. In the last two weeks I’ve decided my apartment should no longer look like a box. I bought some gently used furniture, accessories and plants for my living room. Spent two hours, Saturday night, cleaning my bathroom - forty-five minutes scrubbing my roommate bed-tanned skin from the tub and walls and the rest of the time vacuuming cat litter from every crevice imaginable.  I don’t really have a dining room, but I do have a super tiny little kitchen.

When I went into Wal-Mart this weekend, to get soap and conditioner, I left with plates, kitchen accessories and ridiculously expensive face-wash too! I decided my pastel purple Goodwill plates had earned a dusty spot on the top shelf because I wanted new Corelle plates that I can’t break. (Knock on wood because I am a clutz if ever there was one.) They aren’t the classiest, but they aren’t bad either, and I’m working with Wal-Mart and Fred’s here! Then out of the corner of my eye, I saw what looked like a grape on a mat. There was this incredibly cute kitchen mat, with three bushels, half tucked under something else and looking like it need me to take it home; had to have it. Upon side stepping back towards the plates, I noticed a seven piece set of dishtowels and oven-mitts with grapes and leaves too; they looked homeless as well!

Then my mother piped in and told me to leave. Keep in mind, I’m a poor college student with a shopping problem, so even though I was only in Wal-Mart and not Macy’s or Pottery Barn, the need to decorate my kitchen was overwhelming. I tend to call my mother and Grandmothers when I’m shopping. For company, but mostly to metaphorically slap me when I “ooo and ahh” at cheap crap I don’t really need. So, my mother finally got stern and no matter how old I am, that voice makes my eyes get big and my lip stick out. Thus, I proceeded straight to the checkout with my tail between my legs.

For the last couple of day’s I’ve been trying to make my kitchen look nice. This includes forcing myself to clean, because I don’t like to and I’m really not good at doing it immediately. The first set of plates I got was black and white and didn’t match the green and mauve grapes at all. The second set was pastel blue and green and didn’t work either, even though they are the same plates my step-papa has and I love them. The third set would have matched ok, but I decided to go to Fred’s for a look before anything was concrete. Three sets of dishes, means three trips to Wal-Mart in three days. (So sick of that place and I still have to go back to get a mirror and wall-hook-stickies for the shower because my new roommate isn’t allowed to shave in the bathroom sink.) I just wanted to check before I got all the way back to Douglas…and sitting there was perfection from heaven with a halo!

The perfect set of dishes. They would be 110% right if the green was darker and the white was cream, but they are the absolute best I can do in Juneau, without online shopping and spending tons of money. My kitchen is coming together wonderfully. But I would like to move my fourteen year old “free-be microwave” onto a stand to make room for my hand-mixer base and soon to purchase Cuisinart! Well, the chandelle in my “dining area,” if you can call it that yet, is wrought metal, so I would like a black/green metal microwave stand with grapes and vines that holds wine too. I looked online for half an hour and finally found a “wine table” on lowes.com. Its $152.40 plus shipping to ALASKA. I want it. But I can’t get it just yet.

Then it dawned on me that my mother has the exact stand I’m looking for and her stand has shelves too! So, I went on her facebook, which she only made yesterday, to ask her for it. One of our cousins’ in California thinks it’s a good idea and that I “soooooo” should have it. (Me too!!) But here’s the funny part, “Hey Ma! Wanna dismantle your microwave stand and mail it to me from Massachusetts? Please!”  I guess I really better save my pennies for the one on lowes.com. But if I get it in the distant future, with my Cuisinart, this means I have to get a stainless steel or sleek black microwave to set on it. I’m such a consumer it’s not even funny!

I guess I better keep my fingers crossed for one of those eight jobs that I applied for yesterday, so I can stay in my apartment beyond December 1!!


  1. Ahh the joys of decorating. I have the same "problem". Nice story easy to read, relatable and entertaining.

  2. lol, i guess we all have similiar "problems." i love decorating and shopping. i'll often find myself looking for shampoo (as you did) and leave the store with a cart full of groceries. of course they're all NEEDED. lol. good job.

  3. Good work. Good luck. Good golly!